“Pepe Romero is a scion of the supreme "Royal Family" of the Spanish guitar. Yet as an artist he is both humble and generous.”

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James Hunley And The Acoustic Experience

Welcome To The Acoustic Experience

You may have heard it before, but we promise that this venue will excite, inspire, and motivate aficionados to achieve higher levels of guitar playing and appreciation. As LA Philharmonic Music Director, Gustavo Dudamel states, Music “is something that I need. It’s like the air. It’s like water. It’s like food. I need music” according to a 60 Minutes interview, by CBS correspondent Bob Simon.

Similarly, those that are inspired by Classical music and specifically Classical Guitar, these words resonate the meaning of how music can touch us and put us on a wonderful path to self-discovery. People forget that music is more than just a grouping of sounds. It is music’s ability to unite each of us, to our spirits, our past, present and future experiences together. Join us on this exciting musical journey.

14 year old, child prodigy, Stevielyn Raine Munoz in a solitary moment at the Grand Canyon.